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The historic Palio giuoco dell'oca is an event of historical inspiration that enlivens the city every year on the second Sunday of August.


The game draws its inspiration from the traditional board game, but it takes place outdoors, since 2002 in the spaces of the Sant'Emidio Arena, previously in the evocative setting of Piazza Matteotti.


The aim of the game is to reach the last box, number 54 which depicts San Geronzio with his symbols: the putto and the white goose.


To complicate the path a series of duel challenges between the different districts whose outcome confirms the player's progress or establishes his retreat to the point preceding the dice roll.

Once the arrival box is reached in the victorious district, the palio is delivered, the metal statue of the goose symbol of the patron saint. Thus the celebrations can officially begin at the taverns, open from the night before, which offer a selection of typical local dishes for each district.
The prologue of the dispute is the historical procession, which with its 450 participants in precious Renaissance clothing, redesigns the city streets to bring them back to the splendor of the full 16th century.

The day of the Palio is preceded by the investiture ceremony of the district captains, re-proposed with extreme historical fidelity.


The ceremony ends in the Cathedral Basilica with the lighting of the votive lamp in honor of San Geronzio to invoke the protection of the patron saint.
Since 2003, the Paliotto has been placed side by side with the Palio, which is held on the first Sunday of August.


The methods of carrying out are similar to those of the traditional Game of the Goose, but girls and boys between 10 and 14 years of age compete against each other and represent their neighborhood.
The event is organized by the Cagli Historical Games Association.



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